[REVIEW] Moved kephal to kdereview

Aike J Sommer dev at aikesommer.name
Tue Oct 28 09:57:06 GMT 2008

Am Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2008 09:36:03 schrieb Sebastian TrĂ¼g:
> I think you need to clean up the code and document the file structure a
> bit. There are so many folders and source files. Easy to get lost. I just
> had a look at a few and was already totally confused. what is libkephal? It
> only has a factory method which seems to do very evil stuff like creating
> objects on the heap and then forgetting about them.

Okay... Just cleaned up a few things, hope it looks better now!
About the creation of objects: It is correct, that QObject's created with qApp 
as a parent will be cleaned up on application exit, right??
The factory will be called only once and the created objects are supposed to 
live until app-exit...

> So maybe add a Mainpage.dox in the main folder which explains the code. or
> just a README.

Yeah... You're right, i'll get to that when im home tonight!

BTW: i also removed all i18n-calls, so i assume it is best to remove the 
Messages.sh again?

So long!!

> Cheers,
> Sebastian
> On Friday 24 October 2008 15:31:34 Aike J Sommer wrote:
> > Hello!! :-)
> >
> > I have just moved kephal into kdereview.
> >
> > Kephal will allow better support for multihead setups. It can be used to
> > obtain the correct geometry of the individual work-areas, but also to
> > query the actual connected devices and configure them.
> > It currently has direct support for XRandR 1.2 and a fallback to
> > QDesktopWidget. More backends can be easily added if actually needed. The
> > API consists of a DBus interface which is wrapped by a lib, which will
> > also fall back to using QDesktopWidget if the backend is not available.
> > The backend itself is a kded-module, but there is also a standalone
> > version available for easier testing.
> > The configurations are stored for each set of connected devices, so going
> > back and forth between different setups means less configuration work.
> > It also has an "external"-configuration (which is default currently),
> > which will not mess with the layout of the screens, so that existing
> > setups are not messed up.
> >
> > This should immediatly solve a few problems that especially plasma faces
> > when dealing with changes of screen-layouts. QDesktopWidget fails to work
> > in some situations which often leads to an unusable desktop-shell.
> > In the long run, this will make it easy to configure a setup and also
> > allow the connected monitors to be used as an information-source for
> > "context", such as "i'm at work right now" or "i'm about to give a
> > presentation", to automatically switch things like plasma activities or
> > powersave-schemes.
> >
> > Patches to plasma to replace all usages of QDesktopWidget are available.
> >
> > Well, hope to get some good feedback!
> >
> > :-)

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