Natural language processing tech for the desktop!

Kleag kleag at
Wed Oct 22 20:48:20 BST 2008

Le Wednesday 22 October 2008 21:05:15 Hans Meine, vous avez écrit :
> On Dienstag 21 Oktober 2008, Jordi Polo wrote:
> > On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 2:55 AM, Stephen Kelly <steveire at> wrote:
> > > Also, how about a grammar checker, similar to the spell checkers we
> > > already have, but for grammar, which could be used in kdepim, koffice,
> > > or anywhere.
> >
> > Some people argue that a grammar checker is not very useful. And anyway
> > it looks pretty boring ...
> I just read a competitive review of MS Office and OO in the German "c't"
> computer magazine, which pointed out that spell and grammar checking are
> really among the most needed features in daily office use, and the current
> office suites are really not very good at it.  Personally, I don't use them
> very often, but that's also because >> 90% of the "errors" are none, so a
> *good* checker would be very welcome I think.  And that's a really
> interesting research area AFAICS, since the task definitely requires
> (artificial) intelligence to be done right.
> I don't even think that spell and grammar checking should be separated very
> much, since a spell checker should ideally know about the sentence
> structure, too.
Well, AFAIK (but checking is not my speciality), you can do a really good and 
fast spell checker with simple statistical techniques and a simple distance 
editing. For a grammar checker, you must have a full NL language syntax parser 
and other techniques to find what are the errors and suggest solutions. But, 
it's true that a good grammar checker must also be solid in front of spelling 


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