Natural language processing tech for the desktop!

Jordi Polo mumismo at
Tue Oct 21 18:01:45 BST 2008

I __might__ be able to choose a project to work one year (I mean one year,
every day, several hours/day). The project must be something related to NLP
(Natural Language Processing). I love KDE and did some kde programming
before (still some todo item in the kde 4.2 feature list...cough cough ).
I am pretty sure that something can take advantage of language processing on
the whole KDE desktop. I just need to convince my teacher that working on
that can be called research.
Any idea will be welcome, crazy ideas very wellcome (one year is a lot of

So far, asking in the IRC channel, I got a couple of them

- Krunner as a natural language CLI. I already thought about this time ago,
but for most practical purposes a simple verb + object system would be
enough IMHO and that it not a one year project for sure.
- A semantic map: how close is semantically the information, for instance
songs of the same artist are closer than songs of the same year. I think
this is cool and will go into Nepomuk sometime if it isn't already in, but I
fail to see the language processing (except for emails, text, pdf, webpages
and the like).

- A conversational agent. A small guy in the corner of you plasma desktop
that gives conversation and recommends items related to what you are doing
or tips, etc. Even maybe learn what you like from what you do and then
suggest music, blogs, or whatever other information.

Any opinion about these ideas is very much welcomed.

Jordi Polo Carres
NLP laboratory - NAIST
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