RFC: Multipage support in Gwenview?

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Thu Oct 16 23:04:02 BST 2008

Parker Coates wrote:
> Most of my personal exposure to TIFF files has been as multipage
> "digital fax" documents, but I'm sure there are others who have never
> seen such things and use TIFF solely as a lossless image format.
> Without some actual usage statistics, I have no idea how one would
> decide the filetype association. You can't even use the "path of least
> surprise" method. Is it more surprising to have a simple image open in
> a document viewer or to have a multipage document open in an
> application that tells you to use a different application altogether?

Same thing here, it's very rare for me to meet a TIFF file.

> I guess a forth option could be to use the Okular part if it's available.
> - Read the image.
> - If it's single page, display it as normal.
> - If it's multi-page, check if the Okular part is available.
> - If it's not available, display the image as normal, but with a
> warning about the missing pages.
> - If it is available, embed the part.

Hum... I could have bet this would be suggested. Too bad I rewrote the 
document view system of Gwenview 2.2 to not use KParts anymore :(


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