problems compiling kdelibs

Jason Stubbs jasonbstubbs at
Mon Oct 13 05:03:20 BST 2008

Jason Stubbs wrote:
> (Moving to kde-core-devel as I think that's where this belongs)
> Jason Stubbs wrote:
>> Edwin Schepers wrote:
>>> /install/kde4/kdelibs/kio/kio/dummyanalyzers/dummyanalyzers.cpp:44: 
>>> error: conflicting return type specified for ‘virtual char 
>>> DummyEndAnalyzer::analyze(Strigi::AnalysisResult&, 
>>> Strigi::InputStream*)’
>>> /opt/kde4/include/strigi/streamendanalyzer.h:37: error: overriding 
>>> ‘virtual signed char 
>>> Strigi::StreamEndAnalyzer::analyze(Strigi::AnalysisResult&, 
>>> Strigi::InputStream*)’
>> I had a similar problem, found a work around and then forgot all about 
>> it. Strigi is detected in two ways. First is via pkgconfig, the result 
>> of which is only used for the version check. Second is some other 
>> method (which I don't recall right now) which is then used for path 
>> assignments. On my system, pkgconfig was finding the locally compiled 
>> version whereas the second method was finding the distro-installed 
>> binaries. I worked around it by setting all three vars below.
>> export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$KDEDIR/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH
>> export CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH=$KDEDIR/include
>> Not sure if you are having the same issue. Perhaps somebody that 
>> understands cmake will see this and know what the correct fix is.
> Hmm.. After killing my build dir, this no longer works for me. It's 
> finding my system-provided strigi again:

I'd attempted a compile once against the system strigi after removing 
the build dir. Removing CMakeCache.txt fixed the compile again for me. 
Picking up the system-installed strigi without CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and 
CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH should probably be fixed though...

Jason Stubbs

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