[REVIEW] Killbots moved to KDE Review

Robert Knight robertknight at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 18:56:31 BST 2008

Hi Parker,

First impressions of the code are good.  Easy to read and mostly
self-documenting.  Fiddly parts like the
Killbots::Engine::moveIsSafe() method have good comments to explain
the algorithm - although if it
goes on to more than a page or so it might be worth putting it in a
text file somewhere else.

Some small points:

- I'd suggest using a QSize or a custom class rather than a QPoint to
represent a vector,
since its about magnitude in different directions.
- Where you've got code like:

if (value == EnumValueA)
else if (value == EnumValueB)

Consider using a switch() statement instead.  This has the advantage
that the compiler will
warn you if there any enum values which you haven't handled.

Regarding the game itself, I think it would be useful to have a
simple, preferably graphical tutorial available for people who
have not played the BSD robots game that KillBots is based on.  This
applies to quite a lot of games that are
shipped with Ubuntu.  The description often reads something like:

"Remake of the classic BSD/Famicom/Spectrum ZX81/Babbage Machine game XYZ"

Which leaves the rest of us a bit mystified.


2008/10/6 Parker Coates <parker.coates at gmail.com>:
> Hello all,
> Killbots has just been moved into KDEReview with the intention of
> moving it into KDEGames for 4.2.
> If you could take this opportunity to review the game, I'd be very
> appreciative. Interface, game play, documentation and usability
> reviews are all
> welcome, but a code review would be especially nice. This is my first
> C++ application, so I'm extremely interested in any comments or
> suggestions on the code and/or application design. I'm a bit of a
> perfectionist, so I'd be glad to hear about even nit-picky issues or
> inconsistencies.
> Thanks,
> Parker

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