[PATCH] Removing unnecessary friend declarations from kcolordialog.h

Christoph Bartoschek bartoschek at gmx.de
Sun Oct 5 09:37:46 BST 2008

Am Sonntag 05 Oktober 2008 schrieb Thiago Macieira:
> Christoph Bartoschek wrote:
> >This means that there is no need to make nested classes friend. Although
> > this is the text of the comming standard any decent compiler should
> > support this and at least GCC does.
> That's the upcoming standard. We can expect to start using it around 2011,
> assuming it is published next year.
> For existing compilers, we have to follow the rules of C++98.

Yes, but here remains point one valid. For me it does not matter what you 
do - removing the friend declarations or fixing them - as long as the code 
starts do compile with an EDG based compiler. In my opinion it is better to 
remove them because the privileges are not used.


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