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Wed Oct 1 16:26:44 BST 2008

hi =)

one of the trends i've noticed since starting kde4 is that there is an 
increase in high level documentation[1] and that often includes example 
implementations. these are usually toy apps or artificially simplified plugins 
demonstrating techniques and API usage.

threadweaver, phonon, solid and plasma all have such code, and i'm sure 
there's more out there. right now threadweaver, phonon and solid ship their 
examples inside their code base but they aren't built. i'm looking for a home 
for plasma's examples, all of which exist in playground right now which isn't 
the best place for it.

those who benefit the most from examples often aren't building from source but 
using binary packages and downloading all the source for kde and sifting 
through it for example code is often prohibitive in terms of time, 
disk/bandwidth and knowledge (you have to know where to look)

i'd like to propose a new module in svn: kde-training-kit[2]

this new module would:

* follow trunk
* be branched with KDE releases
* have a top level directory for each project interested in offering examples
* contain course materials that are currently floating "out there" on the 
internet (i know, for instance, that Kevin Ottens has some of this kind of 
* be linked as a resource from techbase
* be tracked by the buildbot

it would not:

* be released as part of the KDE release tarballs (they are examples for 
learning and demonstration, not for installing on end user's machines)
* be a place for tutorials (that's what we have techbase for), though 
tutorials on techbase may well reference the examples
* be a place for design documentation (that's either what techbase is for or 
should remain close to the actual project imho)

so my question is:

am i the only one looking for a place to put our examples? or would others find 
this a useful service?

[1] not enough yet, but increasing amounts of it =)
[2] thanks to Kevin Ottens for the name =)

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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