Nepomuk semantic info backend in Gwenview

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau-GANU6spQydw at
Thu Nov 27 08:12:02 GMT 2008


I just changed Gwenview CMake files to build with Nepomuk support by 
default. You can still build without Nepomuk support, but to do so you 
need to pass the -DGWENVIEW_SEMANTICINFO_BACKEND=None option to CMake.

I hope it was not too late in 4.2 release process to do so.

I believe Nepomuk integration in Gwenview is now usable and brings many 
advantages to the user. It is now possible to tag, rate and comment 
images. Thanks to the (very simple for now) integration with 
nepomuksearch:/ ioslave, it is also possible to list images by tag.

My intention in enabling this is also to give more exposure to Nepomuk 
through Gwenview. I hope it will help to get Nepomuk more mature for 


PS: CCing nepomuk-kde@ mailing list, please respond on kde-core-devel at .

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