kdereview exemption for PolicyKit-KDE

Dario Freddi drf54321 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 19:34:57 GMT 2008

Hello everyone,

Sorry to drop into the discussion just now, but these days are like hell for 
me. Anyway, I'd like to tell you something more about the whole stuff, and my 
0.02€ (or $, if you like it better)

I started moving towards PolicyKit-KDE almost at the same time when Lubos 
hacked into existing code and made it somehow "work". Unfortunately, given the 
fact that time was really short, and mine in particular, and I couldn't afford 
to learn all Polkit API in my short time (and we all agree that documentation 
sucks hard), I started crying for help around. So I met Daniel and Trever, 
thanks to KPackageKit, that joined in. I also got in touch with PolicyKit-KDE3 
developer, but he unfortunately didn't have time to join.

So, I was able to do only some fixes here and there while I let the others do 
the Polkit part. The reason why we've been slow in this was just lack of time. 
All of this to say that we can make it 100% usable in a bunch of days, given 
the fact we should all be more free shortly.

Now, to the real discussion. The main argument against inclusion was that it 
is not a good idea to add a framework. Let's clarify: PolicyKit-KDE is _NOT_ a 
framework, nor a KDE app that wants to use Polkit strictly needs PolicyKit-
KDE. It is just a GUI for Polkit authentication. I, for myself, am against 
feature exceptions, but at the actual state, we have a kinda funny situation.

Example: some important distros are adopting packagekit. Suppose user X uses 
KDE and doesn't like using a terminal for installing packages. He installs 
$gui-for-packagekit, and he finds out he needs to pull in half GNOME, or half 
KDE3 since there is no way to get a KDE4 interface to talk to Polkit. 
Definitely not so funny.

HAL, NetworkManager 0.7, all incoming *kits and more apps are starting to use 
Polkit, and we have to keep up with that. I am fine with the move to 
extragear, and even with the Beta1-Beta2 stuff: I'll let release team take the 
best decision. In any case, if it will be in 4.2, I will put it as a priority 
in my current KDE projects.


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