kdereview exemption for PolicyKit-KDE

Lubos Lunak l.lunak at suse.cz
Sun Nov 16 13:33:38 GMT 2008

On Sunday 16 of November 2008, Trever Fischer wrote:
> Hi, I'm Trever, one of the 4 or so of us working on PolicyKit-KDE. For the
> most part, it is as feature-complete as we planned for the 4.2 release, but
> it is still in playground. We'd like to request an exemption to the normal
> kdereview period in order to get it in before the hard feature freeze.
> Would this be possible?

 Is this about the code on which I worked few weeks back to get it from 
doesn't-really-do-anything to hopefully-kind-of-works (and occassionally 
guessed and so in the process, since PolicyKit happens to have nice extensive 
and useless API docs)? I rather disagree with an exception for this. What 
does currently depend on PolicyKit anyway?

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