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Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Sun Nov 16 13:12:02 GMT 2008

On Saturday 15 November 2008 23:35:17 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> yes, this is highlight annoying. but doing the above would break
> "kons<enter>" as Ingo pointed out already. i'll try krunner with the Short
> Automatic completion and see if that fixes anything.

Well, my questions here were more in the shape of the completion mode itself 
and its behavior, more than about krunner, where I just wanted to place an 
example, nothing more. I am not blaming krunner, I am blaming the way 
automatic completion works. If we fix automatic completion, we will fix 
krunner using automatic completion and the rest of things in the system.

Is it _so_ bad having to press kons + right + enter ? You could _really_ have 
an executable named "kons". Presuming that you won't is directly wrong, from 
my really personal point of view. And you can really lead to questions like: 
"wth, I wrote kons and a different program was executed, what is going on in 

> one actual annoyance: pressing backspace deletes not the completion text,
> but the last letter you typed! so you get:
> kon(sole)
> if i just want "kon", i have to press "Delete" .. Backspace deletes the
> last letter instead. this is rather unintuitive imho. any thoughts on
> making Delete == Backspace in these situations?

If we go for the "right" arrow key and shift+enter approach, the text you 
typed is what should be removed (without touching the hint by auto 

For instance:

I write "kon", and I am suggested "konsole". I will note from here this as 
"kon#sole" separating by a "#" what I wrote and what auto completion mode did 
actually auto complete.

If I backspace I get:

"ko#nsole". Or even better, if I have another app starting with "ko" closer, 
it can even change, like this: "ko#oka".

What is for sure IMHO is that we should only accept "kooka" under this 
situation if I do:

- Right arrow press: now all text becomes "kooka" (nothing 'suggested' by auto 
completion, is like if the user had 'accepted' the completion).

- Shift + enter: accept the enter event with completing first.

- Plain enter: we run "ko", because "oka" was in gray, that means, suggested, 
but not accepted.

You still gain the "completion" hint and speed, because you can write "kon" 
(3) + right (1) = 4 for "konsole" (6). Or even better: "konq" (4) + right (1) 
= 5 against "konqueror" (8). I still think you gain in general, and you won't 
annoy people that want to run shortest things like "foo" while on history 
exists "foobar".

Rafael Fernández López.
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