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Lubos Lunak l.lunak at
Sun Nov 16 13:07:32 GMT 2008

On Saturday 15 of November 2008, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On Saturday 15 November 2008, Rafael Fernández López wrote:
> > - Complete if I press "right" arrow key.
> > - Complete (and accept) if I press shift+enter.
> yes, this is highlight annoying. but doing the above would break
> "kons<enter>" as Ingo pointed out already. i'll try krunner with the Short
> Automatic completion and see if that fixes anything.

 Maybe it should rather default to Dropdown list or some other mode that does 
not appear to be broken to somebody who has never run into these problems 
yet? If I'm getting Short automatic right, it will still break if the newly 
typed text has never been entered before. IIRC minicli in KDE3 defaulted to 
Dropdown list and I think those who can handle Automatic and wish to save the 
one extra keypress in every case can handle changing the mode as well.

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