RFC: Add Working Week and Day of Pray to KLocale

John Layt john at layt.net
Fri Nov 7 00:14:43 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 04 November 2008 13:52:34 Allen Winter wrote:
> In the setters, I see you set default values if the input values are
> out-of-range. I think you should just return without changing anything if
> the input is bogus.

Agreed, it seemed strange behaviour in weekStartDay where I copied it from, so 
I've fixed that too.

> Agree about consistency.  Would you have time to work on this for
> KOrganizer?

Yep, will do, there's not much to do.  I've fixed up KODayMatrix to use the 
locale dayOfPray, and I'm currently figuring out how to default the working 
day mask in KOPrefs based on the locale.

> No, libkholidays is in kdepim.  

Ah, you're right, been a while since I looked.

> And it can't move to kdepimlibs due to
> licensing issues. I have a long-standing to-do for major rewrites of the
> holidays stuff and move the new library into kdepimlibs.
> Part of that would be having  astronomical calculations (moonphases,
> solstices/equinoxes, sunrise/sunsets...) put into kdelibs for use by
> the calendarsystem and by the new kholidays.
> The widgets and applets will follow that.

OK, so I'll look to do the astronomical stuff for the calendars very early in 
4.3 and put it up for review.


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