RFC: Add Working Week and Day of Pray to KLocale

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Thu Nov 6 23:27:54 GMT 2008

On Thursday 06 November 2008 4:43:07 pm Percy Camilo TriveƱo Aucahuasi wrote:
> >Going further, I'm sure many users would want
> >to see their locale's public holidays displayed
> >as well in things like the panel clock/calendar,
> >and even their full PIM data.
> Hell yeah, great idea ;).
> Allen Winter wrote:
> >No, libkholidays is in kdepim.
> >And it can't move to kdepimlibs
> >due to licensing issues.
> I made a quick view in kdepimlibs and libkholidays and It seems that both
> sources were released as GPL2 ... please, could someone explain me in more
> detail about the licensing issues? ;).
The central part of libkholidays is the code we borrowed many years ago from a
project called "Plan".  This is the code that parses the holidays files.
See scanholiday and parseholiday.

AFAIR that code was released under the GPL.

Problem is: we have a requirement for LGPL in kdepimlibs.
So we can't move without relicensing the code or relaxing the licensing.

But, there are several other GPL libs in kdepim that really need to move into kdepimlibs.
I need to see if we can relax the licensing for kdepimlibs.  I'll work this.


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