RFC: Add Working Week and Day of Pray to KLocale

Percy Camilo TriveƱo Aucahuasi orgyforever at gmail.com
Thu Nov 6 21:43:07 GMT 2008

>Going further, I'm sure many users would want
>to see their locale's public holidays displayed
>as well in things like the panel clock/calendar,
>and even their full PIM data.

Hell yeah, great idea ;).

Allen Winter wrote:
>No, libkholidays is in kdepim.
>And it can't move to kdepimlibs
>due to licensing issues.

I made a quick view in kdepimlibs and libkholidays and It seems that both
sources were released as GPL2 ... please, could someone explain me in more
detail about the licensing issues? ;).

Percy ;)
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