IOSlaves kept passwords bug?

Lior Mualem at
Mon Nov 3 08:52:41 GMT 2008

I'm working on enabling to keep password in the samba ioslave and I've
looked into the FTP slave's was of keeping a password and I've noticed the
following rather broken behaviour:
I enter the url "ftp://mysite" which requires me to enter with a user and
not as anonymous.
I give it one user(user1) and keep the password, then give it a different
user(user2) and keep his password.
On the third time I try to log in it works fine, I have to choice of 2
previously logged in users.

So far so good, now here comes the weird part - When I look at my wallet,
both user/password pairs are kept under the anonymous user login -
"ftp-anonymous at mysite:-1".
It means that when I try to enter with the url "ftp://user1@mysite" it
doesn't know that I asked to save that user's password and if I save the
password again, it saves it under "ftp-user1 at mysite:-1"

Is this the required behaviour? Maybe the ioslaves should keep the passwords
in a general manner and not under a specific user?

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