[REVIEW] Moved partitionmanager to kdereview

Volker Lanz vl at fidra.de
Sun Nov 2 20:17:31 GMT 2008


Am Donnerstag 30 Oktober 2008 17:51:25 schrieb Adriaan de Groot:
> Can you give some indication of the modularity and possibility of adding
> non-Linux support to it?

Depends on libparted's support for that non-Linux system. I'm confident I'd 
get it to run on Mac OS X fairly quickly, but libparted doesn't support that 
platform AFAIK. MS Windows would (if libparted supported it) probably be a 
little more tricky.

A long term goal might be to remove the dependency on libparted: Some of what 
libparted does might be very useful to have in solid (at least 
device/partition discovery, maybe creating and deleting partitions), the rest 
could be implemented in partition manager directly (in a platform-independent 
way). Libparted is rather complicated (to put that mildly), however, so that 
won't be easy.

> If we give you a non-Linux machine, would you add 
> support for it (I'm serious, I'd send you a complete freebsd machine if
> that was what was needed to get multi-platform support started).

I'd be happy to add support for other Unix systems if I had the time. Right 
now this is really the only reason why I can't do that. My *BSD-experience is 
very limited so I'd need some time to learn that first.

Also the *BSDs do have slices, don't they? I'm not sure what that means for 
libparted/partition manager, but that surely can't be ignored, right?

So the bottom line is: I'd like to do it but for the foreseeable future I'm 
afraid I won't find the time.


Volker Lanz

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