[REVIEW] Moved partitionmanager to kdereview

Volker Lanz vl at fidra.de
Sun Nov 2 19:57:16 GMT 2008


Am Samstag 01 November 2008 01:53:59 schrieb Marcel Partap:
> - the button label 'Apply' in change dialogs is suggesting the action is to
> be carried out instantly when it is really just put into the queue..

I absolutely agree and changed the properties dialog so it has "Ok" 
and "Cancel" instead of "Apply" and "Close".

> - the warning 'You are about to lose all data..' should come up only
> onconfirming the whole action, not on every selection change.

You mean the warning message box in the properties dialog? If so, this is a 
deliberate choice because it might be hard for a user to understand that 
picking a new file system always deletes the existing data.

In this case there's also a "don't show this again" checkbox for power users.

> - a partition of type unknown can not be moved/resized straight away, it
> first has to have its filesystem changed in the properties.. can this be
> overriden?

Moving or resizing a partition requires an fs check before and afterwards. 
Checking unknown file systems is impossible, thus they cannot be moved or 

In fact, nothing can be done with them: I consider data safety the single most 
important design goal for partition manager and this is one point where a 
little more on the features side might possibly lead to data corruption.

> - the visual partition bar is black and white except of the currently
> selected partition. imho that is kind of eye-unfriendly.. maybe instead,
> the colors could be dimmed (less saturation, lighter)?

I can't follow you here. Can you provide a screenshot? The colours come from 
KColorScheme, not from partition manager, if you're talking about the 
partition widget.

> - 'Apply pending operations' dialog is not wide enough to show full message
> even though there's plenty of screen space

I did notice that, but I'm under the impression this is a bug somewhere else 
outside of partition manager's code because partition manager itself doesn't 
even have a way of setting this message box's size as far as I can tell.

> - canceling operation deadlocks the whole process

The process isn't deadlocked, the GUI just doesn't get updated any more (which 
is the same to the user, of course). The operation currently running will 
eventually finish and the dialog box asking whether to cancel or not will 
show up.

This is a little unfortunate at the moment. The design for the progress dialog 
should be revisited for a future version.


Volker Lanz

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