Re: Width of find/replace dialog in KWrite/Kate

David Stegbauer dstegbauer at
Fri May 30 11:48:01 BST 2008

Chusslove Illich <caslav.ilic at> wrote
> > [: Stefan Monov :]
> > [...] I have kate maximized almost always, and I'm annoyed even by the
> > current height of the S/R bar.
> But, if some people prefer wide editor windows and low search bars, and
> other narrow editor windows and (by necessity) high search bars, what shall
> we do?

1. Automatically rearrange widgets in S/R bar when window width chages. Is seems to me as bad idea.

2. Create two bars - horizontal one shown below the editor widget (current) and vertical one shown on side of editor (widgets stacked vertically, adjustable width, find/replace combos shrinkable much more than current). Then let users to choose their preferred layout, defaulting to horizontal one.

3. Or make it dockable and automatically switch horizontal / vertical layout based on where the dock is anchored.

4. Make it only vertical and let it share the space with Document List (and File System Browser plugin) in kate. But I'm not sure how to fit it into kwrite.

David Stegbauer

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