[kde-artists] Resolving icon naming conflicts

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Thu May 29 15:06:26 BST 2008

On Thursday, 29. May 2008, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> I don't think that this is the best way to do things.  I should also
> point out that he didn't do anything about the matter in question until
> I said something and he then did something as a reaction to what I
> proposed doing.  This makes no sense.  He says the old open source motto
> "who does the work decides".  But, I am doing the work and he is
> deciding. :-(  This sounds like he is my boss.  Aren't we supposed to be
> peers?

"Peers" means playing on equal ground. That includes,

a) working together with an eye on each other's needs, or
b) when disagreeing on stuff, finding ways to sort that disagreement out.

We're fundamentally disagreeing on this issue, which means (b) applies.
Now, I can see the following options are there for sorting out disagreements:

a) I give in and let you have your way.
b) You give in and let me have my way.
c) Neither of us gives in, so we ask other people for advice.

Both of us are stubborn enough to not give in (for whatever reasons), which 
means (c) applies. Consequently, I asked other people for advice:

a) Asked dobey, the icon specification maintainer, what he thinks is right.
b) Asked all the stakeholders in KDE what they think is right.

So far, dobey confirms my view of this issue, and I have experienced lots of 
support from both artists and non-artists in KDE. I have yet to see a single 
person supporting your point of view.

Now, let me ask you one question: Under which circumstances are you able to 
accept a decision that you disagree with? If my arguments are not enough,
and being backed by artists team is not enough, and the specification 
maintainer's stance is not enough, and support from a member of the release 
team (Allen Winter, for reference) is not enough, then dude, *who* will you 
actually listen to?

If the answer is
"Only my own views are the single truth, and I will listen to nobody else" 
then a community centered project like KDE is not the right place for 
spreading your views. If you want people to work together with you, then you 
should really work on not pissing off everyone you want to work with.

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