[kde-artists] Resolving icon naming conflicts

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu May 29 13:39:57 BST 2008

Kenneth Wimer wrote:
> lol, perfect time make a spelling mistake....

>> I think that all we need is good documentation of the name change process.

Yes, how should we accomplish this?  I am still willing to make and 
maintain the data base, but I have to know what to put in it.

>> Some things we can discuss. We discussed the zoom issue, disagreed, asked
>> on fd.o and even dobey agreed with using a generic zoom. Issued resolved,
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^disagreed^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> the name stays as JP has done. 

Sorry, but that syllogism is not valid.

IAC, Olivier Goffart said to submit the issue to Usability which I did.

> Other issues can be handled the same way.
Do you mean by doing whatever "jpetso" says?

Problem is that the current process works like this:

1.	I decide on what I think would be the best thing to do based on
	some thought and analytic reasoning.

2.	I post it to the list for comment.

3.	Then "jpetso" comes up with a different idea and insists on
	doing it his way.

4.	A useless argument occurs that for some reason is blamed on me.

I don't think that this is the best way to do things.  I should also 
point out that he didn't do anything about the matter in question until 
I said something and he then did something as a reaction to what I 
proposed doing.  This makes no sense.  He says the old open source motto 
"who does the work decides".  But, I am doing the work and he is 
deciding. :-(  This sounds like he is my boss.  Aren't we supposed to be 

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