showdesktop in kdereview, proposed move into extragear

Loïc Marteau loic.marteau at
Fri May 23 17:42:40 BST 2008

Lubos Lunak wrote:
> On Saturday 03 of May 2008, okparanoid wrote:
>> Davide Bettio wrote:
>>> Hi again,
>>> I just moved showdesktop plasma applet to kdereview.
>>> showdesktop is an applet that allows users to show plasmoids on desktop
>>> (like when you use CTRL+F12 shortcut).
>>> Bye,
>>> Davide Bettio.
>> Hi !
>> About this two applets, in an user point of view, i think that the name
>> of showdesktop is a little confusing.
>> Why not using showDashBoard instead which reflect more the action of the
>> applet ?
>> Same thing for the icon...
>> The ideal for clarity will to rename minimize-all to showDesktop, and
>> showDesktop to showDashboard.
>  Especially given that minimize-all does not really minimize all. Not 
> that "Show Desktop" is a better name, apparently, given all the user 
> confusion about what it actually does.
Hi devs !

Here is my proposal patch to rename showDesktop to showDashboard and 
minimize-all to showDesktop.

I'm using the icon "user-desktop" of the old showDesktop plasmoid for 
the new one (the minimize-all one is a litlle ugly) and make reference 
to a new one "user-dashboard" (that i don't have make :op) for 
showDashboard, in fact perhaps they can share the same, or an artist can 
do one for showdashboard ?!

m_icon = new Plasma::Icon(KIcon("user-dashboard"),QString(),this);

Can this patch being apply ? Perhaps that initial authors have to be ok 
with that too ?!

I have to create a showdesktop.tmp directory because svn need to delete 
the old one before.
If it is ok for apply the patch you can commit, then move 
showdesktop.tmp to showdesktop in a second time and commit the mv.

I will perhaps make an other little plasmoid to have a shortcut for 
krunner. Thank for this apps it is very great and i wish that end-user 
can find them easily, they are afraid by keyboard shortcut  ! It is 
possible to add krunner directly in favorites apps by default for 4.1 ?!

My personal opinion is that this two basics applets are very useful for 
end user and in fact i think that the correct place for them is more 
directly in kdebase...

Best regards, sorry for my poor english.

PS: I'm very excited about the incoming release of Kde. The work you 
have made is sooo amazing and i'm quite sure that it will be a killer 
Desktop that will make lot of proprietary Desktop user the switch ! I 
want really thank all of you for that.

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