[Slightly OT] python based kdesvn-build variant that uses git locally available

=??B?QXVyw6lsaWVuIEfDonRlYXU=?= aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Sun May 25 22:27:32 BST 2008

Michael Jansen wrote:

> The subject says it all. More information at
> http://michael-jansen.biz/blog/mike/2008-05-25/build-tool

Interesting: I faced the same problem as you (using git-svn and not willing to abandon kdesvn-build), but fixed it a different way: I wrote a script to run all git (and svn) updates and made a one line patch to kdesvn-build so that it default to --no-svn. I usually run the two scripts together:

  kdesvn-update ; kdesvn-build

One question though: how do you handle svn:externals? I keep some modules as svn because of those nasty things.


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