Library/Routine for generating Freedesktop Menu?

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed May 21 10:27:37 BST 2008

On Saturday 17 May 2008, Kelly Miller wrote:
> I'm working on a Plasma port of Tastymenu

cool; you can find the plasma devs on panel-devel at if you have 

> (though mine probably won't be 
> called that, for sake of avoiding confusion), and I'm curious as to
> whether kdelibs/kdebase has a function for generating the menu structure
> from the XML files already.  Does it?

yes: KServiceGroup, and KService. you can see an example of its use in 
particularly in the fillNode method.

passing in an empty QString() for the relPath to KServiceGroup will get you 
the top level and you just descend your way on down from there.

> Also, is there a system for the Favorites (which I noticed are shared
> across the menus in KDE4) as well?

there is the places model for storage locations, but the favourites something 
internal to kickoff currently. it would be great to generify that, however.

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