Text spacing problems

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Tue May 20 23:34:47 BST 2008


> The font used is DejaVu Sans, and if I switch e.g. to Tahoma, the logout
> button problem dissapears, but the menu problem remains.
> So I'm now not sure how and if these problems are connected, and therefore
> what would be the best way to fix them. If someone could trace this issue,
> I'd be much abliged. (If needed for testing, the text on the logout button
> is: Одустани )

Really interesting. I have been trying to track down a bug on Umbrello some 
time ago (which I couldn't find the procedence)...

This is a completely english KDE installation, and I also use DejaVu Sans.

Please try Umbrello (from kdesdk) and check if everything (from menues, to 
toolbars... everything) is cut off.

So, it seems somehow there are problems with fonts. Also, when I did so many 
screenshots about KCapacityBar, people told me my tabs were cut off, which is 
right, but nothing as critical as Umbrello does... it cuts of almost half 
word from each side !

(Look at tabs caption): 
http://media.ereslibre.es/2008/04/kpropertiesdialog41.png (General, 
Permissions, Share). They are slightly cut off. As I say nothing as critical 
as Umbrello does:


Rafael Fernández López.
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