the right home for Phonon

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu May 15 20:17:38 BST 2008

On Thursday 15 May 2008, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> Hi,
> this morning Thiago, Dirk and I were talking about where the Phonon code
> should live and who should release and ship what.
> This is what we agreed on:
> - move libphonon (+examples, docs and tests) and all backends that don't
>   depend on kdelibs (i.e. all that are in kdereview atm, but not xine) to
>   kdesupport/phonon
> - phonon will (in theory) release indepently from kdelibs and Qt
>   - branches will be in branches/phonon
>   - tags will be in tags/phonon
>   - phonon releases will probably be in sync with KDE and Qt releases, but
> may skip one or add one if needed
> - phonon code that depends on kdelibs (KCM, Platform plugin, xine backend,
>   future gst backend KCM) all go to kdebase/runtime/phonon and release
>   together with kdebase (no more, no less)
> - libphonon translations are merged into kdelibs package and released with
>   kdelibs
> - kdesupport/phonon never freezes. Freezes happen only in branches/phonon

One generic comment, i.e. not only for phonon: if we do a release, we tag all 
of KDE/, but not kdesupport/ (AFAIK).
This makes it later on sometimes quite hard to get a matching kdesupport for 
some old KDE release. I'd suggest to also tag kdesupport when KDE/ is tagged.

> Open questions:
> a) should kdelibs 4.1 contain libphonon or should it depend on an external
>    libphonon?

I'd say that kdelibs should depend on libphonon from kdesupport. May bring 
more users for phonon.

> Oh, and I'll need buildsystem testers/helpers, especially for Win and Mac.

Any special questions ?
You can also copy it already earlier so there is more time to get it working 
and then enable/make it mandatory later.
(next week I won't be online a lot)


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