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Thu May 15 18:02:48 BST 2008


this morning Thiago, Dirk and I were talking about where the Phonon code 
should live and who should release and ship what.

This is what we agreed on:
- move libphonon (+examples, docs and tests) and all backends that don't
  depend on kdelibs (i.e. all that are in kdereview atm, but not xine) to
- phonon will (in theory) release indepently from kdelibs and Qt
  - branches will be in branches/phonon
  - tags will be in tags/phonon
  - phonon releases will probably be in sync with KDE and Qt releases, but may
    skip one or add one if needed
- phonon code that depends on kdelibs (KCM, Platform plugin, xine backend,
  future gst backend KCM) all go to kdebase/runtime/phonon and release
  together with kdebase (no more, no less)
- libphonon translations are merged into kdelibs package and released with
- kdesupport/phonon never freezes. Freezes happen only in branches/phonon

Open questions:
a) should kdelibs 4.1 contain libphonon or should it depend on an external
b) how should the Qt build work with (external) libphonon depending on Qt, but
   QtWebKit depending on libphonon in the future


I'd like to do the necessary moves one of these mondays.

Oh, and I'll need buildsystem testers/helpers, especially for Win and Mac.

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