KStandardAction DocumentBack & DocumentForward

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat May 10 08:30:20 BST 2008

In kstandardaction.cpp:

Line 108

     if ( QApplication::isRightToLeft() ) {
       if ( id == Prior )
         iconName = "go-next";

       if ( id == Next )
         iconName = "go-previous";

       if ( id == DocumentBack )
         iconName = "go-next";

       if ( id == DocumentForward )
         iconName = "go-previous";

Might I first ask if there was a reason that this was changed vs KDE3?

Was there something unsastisfactory about my work on in in KDE3, or did 
whoever changed it simply not understand why "DocumentBack" & 
"DocumentForward" need to have different icons than "Prior" & "Next"?

My proposed names for the icons for "DocumentBack" & "DocumentForward" 
are: "view-previous" & "view-next".  These have been posted to 

With our rather sparse toolbars, you don't notice the problem, but if 
you don't like clicking through the menus all the time (i.e. if you 
actually use the software) and want the functions that you commonly use 
on the tool bar (in Okular for example) you wind up with all 4 of these 
on the toolbar and that is not any more satisfactory in KDE4 than it was 
in KDE3.  See attached.

Note that I really don't understand why this toolbar configuration isn't 
the default.

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