[PATCH] remove crashing kdebug in kshortcutseditoritem.cpp

Andreas Hartmetz ahartmetz at gmail.com
Fri May 9 00:05:24 BST 2008

>  > I remember a recent bug, for example in KWin's effects configuration,
>  > where your changes will always be discarded. Or at least it looks so
>  > in the GUI. Well, we can probably sort this out quickly now.
>  ???? Just send me steps to reproduce and i will have a look.
Note: I designed the editor so that it would commit changes
immediately and only undo them when you explicitly press the "undo"
button. Of course I wrote the original code under this assumption
everywhere. It may or may not be easy to change or modify that
behavior without breaking something else.

To reproduce the bug I described:
Open system settings, click on Look&Feel/Desktop, then:
Desktop effects, check "enable desktop effects". Under the "all
effects" tab open the settings dialog of any module that has one,
change a shortcut, say to Ctrl-Alt-F10. Close the dialog, open it
again. It displays the old, unchanged shortcut. Set it again to
Ctrl-Alt-F10. Oh, now there's a conflict with itself which is
especially confusing.
This bug may or may not have somehing to do with undo-on-close
actually, it was just recently pointed out to me. Hey, maybe I broke
it with per-component global shortcuts (but the person who told me
about the bug didn't mention it being very new).

Rivo: this code did work at one point, right? Anything to add?

Hope this helps.

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