David Faure faure at
Wed May 7 09:28:05 BST 2008

On Wednesday 07 May 2008, George Goldberg wrote:
> The most obvious issue I can see with decibel going to kde[libs] is that
> we cannot guarantee binary compatability at this stage. (Partly due to
> how much the telepathy spec has changed and is continuing to change).

OK. So kdenetwork for starters, and later moving up to kdelibs or kdesupport?

> Since it will depend on the KDE akonadi libraries to build decibel
> with KDE integration (once my summer of code project is complete), I
> don't see how it could go in kdelibs as it will depend on kdepimlibs.

Not an issue anymore, since akonadi is in kdesupport.
But if decibel isn't ready for kdelibs, then I'm certainly not pushing for it to go there;
on the contrary.

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