KTabBar close buttons - annoying behavior

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Tue May 6 07:50:43 BST 2008

Hi Andras,

On Tuesday, 6. May 2008 08:28:32 Andras Mantia wrote:
> Hi,
>  the new close buttons present an unexpected and annoying problem. If
> there are many tabs opened in Konqueror, so the scroll buttons appear,
> when you click on the last half-visible tab, that will be fully visible.
> Now if you clicked on a place where the close button will be after the
> tab rearrangement, the tab is closed. Happened to me several times
> during one day. :(
>  I don't know what's the good solution, but this is very annoying.

I agree that this is very annoying. I'll take care to fix this before 4.1 (a 
similar issue has already been reported at 


> Andras

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