ksaneplugin (and libksane)

Kåre Särs kare.sars at kolumbus.fi
Sun May 4 17:39:49 BST 2008


I have now moved ksaneplugin to kdegraphics, but not libksane. 

I did not move libksane because of circular dependency problems: 
Gwenview -> libkipi (kipi-plugins) -> libksane

Gwenview can optionally depend on libkipi from extragear to enable 
kipi-plugins. The kipi-plugin 'acquireimages' in extragear depends on 

The dependencies are 'optional' so we would loose either kipi-plugin support 
in Gwenview or scan support in kipi-plugins.

It is possible to first compile just libkipi then kdegraphics and then the 
rest of extragear-libs, but that would be quite cumbersome :(

I have not removed libkscan (yet?) so that there would be at least one scan 
plugin even if libksane is not installed. 

Kåre Särs

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