showdesktop in kdereview, proposed move into extragear

okparanoid okparanoid at
Sat May 3 14:42:06 BST 2008

Davide Bettio wrote:
> Hi again,
> I just moved showdesktop plasma applet to kdereview.
> showdesktop is an applet that allows users to show plasmoids on desktop (like 
> when you use CTRL+F12 shortcut).
> Bye,
> Davide Bettio.
Hi !

About this two applets, in an user point of view, i think that the name 
of showdesktop is a little confusing.
Why not using showDashBoard instead which reflect more the action of the 
applet ?
Same thing for the icon...

Perhaps we could find an other icon for showDashBoard and attribute the 
actual icon of showDashBoard to minimize-all (the actual minimize-all is 
not very pretty...) ?!

The ideal for clarity will to rename minimize-all to showDesktop, and 
showDesktop to showDashboard.

I have read that in a usability point of view aaron is very attached at 
the concept of Dashboard and i think that the both applet are useful and 
don't have the same object.

If i just want to minimize all my windows to profit of my wallpaper or i 
don't want that someone see what i'm doing minimize all is great.

if i want to rapidly profit of the functionalities of my plamoid 
showDashBoard applet seems to be very useful !

sorry for my poor english

Regards !

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