[PATCH][161458] kwalletmanager: fix editing of maps' passwords

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Thu May 1 09:04:28 BST 2008


On checking some strange behaviour with the widget for editing passwords in 
maps not disappearing I found out about the following three bugs:

1) The textedit for editing passwords is not focussed correctly. Opening the 
context-menu hides it, clicking outside of it doesn't properly hide it in 
most cases.
I found out this only happened if the QTextEdit wasn't focussed before 
clicking elsewhere. Setting focus after creation made this one vanished. I 
also replaced QTextEdit by KTextEdit as suggested by ebn.

2) The contents used to be written back to the table when the textedit was 
deleted. Q3Table doesn't seem to destroy child-widgets properly in this case 
so the contents never get written back.
This was actually a problem with the text edit not being destroyed on closing 
it. setAttribute(Qt::WA_DeleteOnClose) helped.

3) The text edit was closed on right-clicking it to get the popup for 
This was due to a small portion that was commented-out on converting to qt4. 
Porting it to Qt4 worked well.

I also created a bugreport for this to keep track of what I'm doing:

What do you think?

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