KPropertiesDialog. Useful graph ? [2D]

Stefan Monov logixoul at
Thu May 1 07:08:50 BST 2008

On Thursday 01 May 2008 02:08:18 Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> pinheiro wrote:
> >
> That (clearly ripped off from Luna ;-) ) is the new Oxygen progress bar,
> right? ;-)
No, you're looking at an old approach. We'll be using this one:

> If the answer is "no", I want to know why we're inventing something that
> clearly looks like a progress bar, but isn't.
Because progress is not the same as filling. "done/to-be-done is not the same 
as filled/not-yet-filled". So we needed a new widget.

And no, we can't just repurpose the progressbar as a fillbar - they can have 
distinctive requirements. E.g. a fillbar must never be animated. And from the 
Oxygen side, it should probably be thinner than a progressbar, should lack a 
shimmer gradient, etc.

> Of course, since the 
> consensus seems to be for a bar (gets my vote also, fwiw), this is 
> probably moot :-).
Yeah, we're just gonna use the same colors as the progressbar, right? :)

> Has anyone considered proposing a standard "fill" bar to Qt? Any number
> of "out of 100%" sensors could use such a widget (wireless singla
> strangth, disk free, CPU usage, memory usage, etc., and that's just off
> the top of my head).
Not to Qt (it's not a well known crossplatform widget) but yes we did discuss 
and agree to put it into kdelibs and make it stylable via KStyle (falling 
back on a progressbar look for old/q styles). Now we just need to do it.


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