KPropertiesDialog. Useful graph ? [2D]

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Thu May 1 00:29:23 BST 2008

Stefan Monov wrote:
> I think it'll be best to abuse the selection background color from 
> KColorScheme for drawing both used and unused, with .5 opacity on unused.
> (KCS gurus correct me ;)

Color options... Link/Visited (for Free/Used)? Pick two of Positive, 
Negative, Neutral? I'd probably stay away from Active, but only because 
it's most likely to be a more obnoxious, "in your face" color than any 

...but the above suggestion sounds OK as well. Of course, since the 
consensus seems to be for a bar (gets my vote also, fwiw), this is 
probably moot :-).

Has anyone considered proposing a standard "fill" bar to Qt? Any number 
of "out of 100%" sensors could use such a widget (wireless singla 
strangth, disk free, CPU usage, memory usage, etc., and that's just off 
the top of my head).

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