Okteta moved to kdereview; kdeutils coordinator?

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Mon Mar 31 00:07:38 BST 2008

Hi everybody,

you may know that I have been developing a successor to KHexEdit, named Okteta  
(no coauthors so far). I have done so in playground/utils/okteta the last 

The program Okteta has now reached a state where the basic functionality is 
working. So I would like to move it (back) to kdeutils. Thus I have moved 
Okteta to kdereview.

Okteta is completly ported to KDE 4, even depends on trunk. Parts of the code 
are covered by unit tests. I also care for the error reports by EBN, always 
try to keep the number of reports low (the include ones currently listed are 
false positives, need to report this to a krazy person), see
All user visible strings should be translatable. I also did a primitive first 
version of a documentation, see kdereview/doc/okteta.

I hope the review finds the functionality and the code quality satisfying,
so Okteta can get into a main module (kdeutils) in time for KDE 4.1 

The review process asks for approval from the module coordinator. A look at
tells there is currently noone. Who would I ask then?

For those who are having a closer look at the code:
The program is based on some libraries, which have been in subfolders of 
KHexEdit since KDE 3.2, today named liboktetacore and liboktetagui. While not 
used by KHexEdit, those libs are used for a hexedit KPart and a module named 
KBytesEdit, the later implementing the interfaces from 
kdelibs/interfaces/khexedit (used by at least KPilot and KDevelop), both 
located in the subdirectory kdeutils/khexedit/parts. Other than KHexEdit all 
that code has been ported in time for KDE 4.0 and is released with it, while 
the KHexEdit code was removed.
Now because the development of the program Okteta went parallel to the 4.0 
release, these libraries and parts had been branched in 
playground/utils/okteta, so BIC was no problem. So in kdereview Okteta 
consists of
* the program (new)
* the libs core and gui (old and improved)
* the KPart and the module (old and adapted to lib changes)

If Okteta can move to kdeutils/okteta, the old versions of the libraries and 
parts in kdeutils/khexedit/* will be svn rm'ed, as they are turned obsolete 
by the Okteta code from kdereview.

Some other (background) information can be found at my blog
and on the kde-apps page


PS: Dear l10n team: Would you please move the Okteta po files to the l10n
kdereview folder? Thank you !

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