Problems with KUrlCompletion

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at
Sun Mar 30 02:54:49 BST 2008

Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> Jeff Mitchell said the following, On 2008-03-29 16:07:
>> KUrlCompletion is the completion object often used with KLineEdit, but 
>> it has a behavior that is undesired: the last part (the completed 
>> part) has an appended slash that is often percent encoded.  For me, 
>> running Dolphin on Windows, I get completion suggestions like:
> [..]
> Hi; I have some patches on my desk for very similar issues, should be 
> ready earlier next week. For example entering "C:" into the line edit 
> and clicking OK works now.
> I'll appreciate your comments, as there's still room for improvements, 
> as well as possibility to break things :)

Be sure to svn up as I've solved this issue by modifying the regex that 
checks for protocols, so you may want to check and see if we conflict.

The latter half of my question (removing percent encoding in *all* 
cases) still stands though...I think it makes sense for the reasons 
stated in my original email, but it's not a change I want to make 
without some feedback.


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