Shortcuts / konsolepart conflict

Michael Jansen kde at
Sat Mar 29 23:37:33 GMT 2008

> Btw, this problem does not exist in KDE 3. There konsole so to speak
> 'wins'.

> And while it is generally nice that conflicts are solved (strike, detected)
> in KDE 4, in this exact case it is undesirable. Again, my take is that
> there should be a way for a widget to cancel the controlling.

I just realized i had some misunderstandings. And i think you have it too.

Ctrl-R is no K/QAction in Konsole. It comes from bash. bash doesn't know what 
qt is. so there is no way any conflict solving code in this world can be 
responsible. It's just that the kate application thinks it's responsible for 
the konsole part and grabs that shortcut. bash doesn't get it. or whoever is 
responsible to inform bash of this event.

I think that's a simple behavior change in qt between version 3 and 4.


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