Shortcuts / konsolepart conflict

Michael Jansen kde at
Sat Mar 29 21:13:47 GMT 2008

> > I'm pretty sure this is not solvable with some Qt Flags.
> That would be great :-)
> Remember that this affects other applications than kate, dolphin for
> example is also affected.
> The requirement is that a shortcut is sent to the konsole widget, so that
> has the chance of using it and stopping the event from being sent to the
> mainwindow.

Ups. I guess you misunderstood something. I have no idea how to solve that 
problem. And more critical: I have no idea if my analysis is correct. Until 
someone with qt background confirms don't take that for granted. It looks 
plausible, so much is true.

If i found the real problem the easiest solution - for someone not involved in 
qt development - seems to be adding some Flag to qt widgets telling them 
'You're a widget, but some kind of toplevel widget, so stop shortcut 
propagation here'. But i think everyone inside of trolltech disagrees.

And how to solve it as an qt outsider. ask david? Thiago? yellow pages?


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