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Fri Mar 28 16:55:48 GMT 2008

On Friday 28 March 2008, Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> > the first gen EEE PC comes with python on it already; the next generation
> > devices will have even more storage. so these really aren't the devices
> > that we need to be worried about here. when we're talking about "can we
> > fit a python interpreter" on it, we're talking small devices like phones,
> > ultraportable tablets, blackberries, etc..
> All right; I do not oppose Python specifically, but I'm worried of a chain
> reaction where all kinds of interpreters get used all over the modules.
> I'd rather have one blessed scripting language, but I fear that's going to
> be a policy problem...

i think we can get away with 2 or 3 languages. Allen W. sent a really nice 
list of requirements for such languages to the release team list and it 
really knocks it down to a few realistic choices: python, ruby and java.

> > > That may be Python, or something else... I'd prefer one of the
> > > ecmascript interpreters we ship, actually...
> >
> > for in-application scripting, absolutely. for full apps, something with
> > more available libraries, more application dev appropriate docs, etc
> > would be nice. in fact, many of the things that make ecmascript really
> > great for in application scripting are hindrances for full app devel ime.
> Well, we are talking of configuration modules just now, aren't we? Not
> "real" applications.

the difference in this particular case between "real app" and a "plugin" is 
small enough that quibbling would be silly imho ... some of the control 
panels have as much lines of code as the plasma app (the binary, not 
libplasma) does.

> > > It would be nice if we had one javascript interpreters instead of two--
> > > soon three, but that's another problem.
> >
> > a third? oi.. whre's this?
> we have KJS and QtScript... and JavaScriptCore, as soon as 4.4 is released.
> Am I miscounting? Not all may be used for scripting, but still we'll have
> three.

ah, right JSC. i really do hope at some point that they do manage to find a 
way to replace the guts of that with QtScript (leaving just the web specific 
API). iirc someone was looking into that at some point.

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