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Fri Mar 28 16:36:40 GMT 2008

On fredag 28 Marts 2008, Jos van den Oever wrote:
> 2008/3/28, Anders Lund <anders at>:
> > What is wrong with strigidaemon?
> >
> >  It can't be that it is supposed to run at 80-99%CPU for hours after i
> > boot! That is simply not acceptable.
> >
> >  It is set to index my home directory.
> It is well possible if you have a lot of data. Hours is however a very
> long time.

I have quite a lot of data, and for example kde source is quite a few files. I 
still think it's overly long time, and I don't understand why it should run 
everytime i start up.

> We are currently working on adding a 'light' way of indexing which
> will be in Strigi before KDE 4.1. The light version will only index
> filenames, paths, titles authors and other small fields.

That is nice, although for some documents having a more detailled index would 
be fine.

> For now I suggest you either not index all of your home directory or
> you remove most of the analyzer plugins in "lib/strigi/strigi?a_*".

Ok. Is a way of configuring this planned - turning on/off various plugins, for 
various paths/mimetypes?


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