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On Wednesday 26 March 2008 10:30:10 pm Chani wrote:
> > Yes, there has been contact with the GMail and Calendar teams (by me),
> > and the response from them wasn't very helpful: either be bug for feature
> > compatible to Webkit or Gecko, or get more users (a whole lot more) and
> > then we'll support Konqueror.
> the sad thing is, I don't think we're even asking them to *support*
> konqueror.
> it would be quite enough if, after their "this browser is not supported"
> warning, they would give the user the code that *works* with konqueror, the
> code that it gives to firefox, instead of insisting on sending it code that
> does not work.

Unfortunately, that would very likely not meet Google's QA team's approval, so 
we have to deal with what we get. If we can get the apps working right then I 
can talk to the tech leads and developers at work about getting the checks 
changed to send the page to Konqueror with the proper id check. Until then, 
the teams in charge of these apps won't budge on this due to policy that apps 
should present a completely working, without hacks, user experience, and if 
it is known to not work, bail out.

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