Feature Plan

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Mar 28 09:37:40 GMT 2008

On 28.03.08 00:03:40, Robert Knight wrote:
> Hi,
> > Things that (IMHO of course)
> > should be there in KDevelop 4.0.
> How are you going to pick the features?  Reading the discussions on the release 
> mailing list for KDE 4.0 it seemed like everyone had a tough time deciding what 
> exactly constituted "ready".  With a big vague list of TODOs it isn't easy to decide what 
> needs to be done.  

Well, the problem is that we haven't really tried to decide what
KDevelop4.0 needs to include to be releaseable. Thats mostly a "dangling
in feature-development-mode" problem, but we'll talk about that
face-to-face in a few weeks.

> I haven't had much involvement with KDevelop before but I think the most useful thing
> would be to pick a couple of (relatively undemanding) classes of user, spell out their 
> basic 'survival' needs on the wiki and aim to get KDevelop in a state that they can use.

For 4.0 we might have just 1 class of users: C++ Developers using CMake
or QMake and optionally CVS/SVN.

> Right now KDevPlatform/KDevelop 4 in trunk installs a huge number of plugins by default 
> and the end result is that it takes a while to start up and is quite crash-prone.  Locally I stripped
> out everything bar project management, editing, project execution and language support from the install 
> and it is much easier to work with.

Thats partly because Area support isn't finished and thus everything
gets loaded all the time.


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