Guidance in KDE Admin

Simon Edwards simon at
Thu Mar 27 20:43:21 GMT 2008

Hi all,

Nicolas Ternisien wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I would like to have your opinion about moving and integrate Guidance
> applications suite in KDE Admin, as default KDE applications.

Sebas and Riddell already jumped in and made the points I would have 
made. :-)  Just to summarise my position:

* Until things are ported to KDE 4, it is premature to think about 
moving it into kde admin. One step at a time. (I've been busy slowly 
porting some of my other C++ utilities to Qt/KDE 4 and Python.)

* As Jakob and Jonathan pointed out, a lot of the modules need to be 
rethought either because they may be obsolete or need a complete redesign.

* If people want Guidance in KDE Admin or whatever, it is fine by me.

Concerning resource consumption of Python programs, I'm happy with it, 
and am not in the least a bit worried. I think this "resource usage of 
non-compiled languages" boogie-man is overblown. Compared to the 
equivalent C++ program, programs in Python or Ruby use more shared 
libraries to get started (interpreter + binding code). Memory use after 
than depends on what the program does and how good the interpreter is.


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