Guidance in KDE Admin

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at
Wed Mar 26 20:45:18 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 26 March 2008 21:17:53 Leo Savernik wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 26. März 2008 schrieb Nicolas Ternisien:
> > >  >  All modules need porting to KDE4 (and could make nice showcases for
> > > the Python >  bindings then). Mountconfig would also need porting to
> > > Solid (it already uses
> [...]
> > No other opinion ? If you agree, just say Yes/+1 or No/-1, just to be
> > sure this is something useful, and that will help KDE Admin being more
> > interesting.
> It looks like Guidance introduces a hard python dependency into KDE. I
> don't particularly like that. Is there any precedent that justifies a hard
> runtime python dependency?

No, it'd be the first. IIRC, it was talked about some time ago though that 
this is actually wanted. (Granted, not for core apps, but in general to open 
up more for non-C++ languages and developers.)
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