Change in KActionCollection::setComponentData

Michael Jansen kde at
Wed Mar 26 20:42:59 GMT 2008

Am Mittwoch 26 März 2008 21:30:03 schrieb Andreas Pakulat:
> On 26.03.08 21:02:43, Michael Jansen wrote:
> > Please don't shoot the messenger. I'm just trying to enforce all
> > assumptions made by the global shortcuts code to see what breaks. I think
> > a loud bang is better than many small problems.
> Trying not to shoot you, but the usual way to do such changes is to
> first make the change locally, then test applications from at least 30%
> of trunk modules and fix them. Then commit the change and the fixes
> shortly after another so people don't have long-lasting breakages.
> Or do the above in a branch.
> Andreas

Point taken. Fixes are trivial. so the applications were broken about 10 


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