Kubuntu Settings in KDE

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Wed Mar 26 09:45:05 GMT 2008

Let's throw my opinion here, in case it matters...

On Thursday 20 March 2008, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
>  * cryptodefaults: don't warn when submitting forms to unencrypted
>    sites, everyone does this all the time with Google etc

Firefox warns once, and the "do not show again" is checked. I think that 
is a good compromise.

>  * kio_httprc: set Firefox userid on google.com, makes gmail and
>    calendar work

I disagree and Germain Garand wrote down a good reason why not to do.
I also disagree because I don't like that we need to hide our identity 
because some programmers fail to verify if their page works in Konqueror 
or not, and they fail to do it because of commercial issues.

>  * kwalletrc: don't run first time wizard, its more confusing than
>    than just asking for a password

I agree, just as a master password on first usage.

>  * ktip: don't run this.  Just kill it.  Kill it dead.
I'm not sure about it, I like KTip. :)

>  * kwin: double click on window bar to maximise/minimise (does anyone
>  * use windowbar shading?)
I use maximize/minimize for double click, but I agree with those saying 
that this would make shading less easier to find. 

>  * klipper: NoDisplay in apps menu (autostarted)
And if you close it?

>  * systemsettings: NoDisplay in apps menu (in Computer and
> Favourites) 
In the classic menu there isn't a Computer group. Favorites is...very 
usage specific, so I'd keep in the main menu as well.

>  * Home.desktop: NoDisplay in apps menu (we have a Computer menu)
See above.

>  * kwalletmanager: NoDisplay in menu (available though systray
> applet)
See the Klipper case, although I think this one appears as soon as you 
open a wallet, so it might go away.

>  * NoDisplay on apps included in Kontact, users don't need two ways
> to get to the same thing
This is what I always hate in KUbuntu. I don't use Kontact, I use KMail 
and sometimes KNode. I oppose to this change, those are completely 
usable standalone applications that should be easily available to the 


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