Google SoC Idea: web-interface library

Matej Svejda mata at
Thu Mar 20 18:37:58 GMT 2008


I want to participate in Google's SoC and would like to hear your
opinion on this idea for a proposal:

A lot of KDE programs have web-interfaces. KGet just got one, KTorrent
has had one for some time now, there's a web-interface script for
Amarok and maybe some more I've missed. All these programs implement
the same functionality. KTorrent (for example) has it's own small
http-server with PHP support.

My "idea" is to put all this into a library so that applications can
really easily create web-interfaces. Besides the ones I've mentioned
there are many other applications where a web-interface makes sense:
Kiosk (once it has been ported to KDE 4), some KCM-modules, Kontact
(maybe directly Akonadi), Juk, Strigi/Nepomuk, ....

So here's my plan:

  * create a simple, light-weight HTTP server using
QTcpServer-functionality (maybe add features like mod_rewrite so
web-frameworks like rails can be used)
  * connect this web server to use Kross for executing scripts. This
would give it instant ability to write code in Python, Ruby,
JavaSciprt (?) and Java
  * make adding objects and modules from the application to the
web-frontend script possible through Kross
  * maybe create a PHP backend for Kross since most web-software is
developed in PHP
 * port one of the existing web-interfaces to this solution or maybe
create a new one

So what do you guys think? Is this doable? Is this too short/long for
a SoC project?


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